Clinicians face many pressures.
They carry a heavy workload that is increasingly becoming heavier. They are expected to treat a multiplicity of conditions. They are expected to keep up with continually developing clinical practice. To cap these pressures, patients are ever more mindful of what they consider to be their rights, and readily resort to litigation. All of these factors add up to potentially stressful working lives for clinicians. sPaths® directly relieve two of these pressures: the changes in clinical practice, and the threat of litigation.  Latest figures from the NHSLA record 11,495 threatened actions against clinicians (2013/2014). The total costs of claims (2013/14) was £1.2bn.  The 10 year provision (2013/14) is £26.2bn. These are huge sums. £26.5m of them are swallowed by lawyers’ fees that otherwise could have been devoted to patient care. The cost of DVT-related claims was £4.5m (2011/14).
The DVT sPath® has been designed by the most eminent vascular specialists. It places their expertise at the fingertips of front-line clinicians. sPaths® are clinically excellent, safety-audited and user-friendly.They are easily updated to reflect NICE and other authoritative recommendations. The DVT sPath® provides best practice on a tablet.

sPaths® embody clinical excellence