The NHS is facing serious challenges.
The present financial stringency has left all government departments desperate for funds. At the same time, demand on the NHS is increasing: the population is growing; it is becoming less healthy and it is ageing, therefore requiring the treatment of more expensive and more intractable conditions. The population expects the NHS to meet all its demands. These increasing demands and expectations can never be met, even with a larger, ring-fenced NHS budget. The only practicable solution is to eliminate unnecessary costs. The greatest financial wastage lies in massive costs of clinical error. Huge sums are lost to healthcare in litigation and other costs.
  • Claims for Clinical Negligence (2013/14): £1.2 bn
  • 10 year forward provision (2013/14): £26.2 bn
These costs are increasing yearly. By the use of our sPaths®, they will be reduced dramatically. The significant savings can then be directed to positive use.

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