The company founders conducted an extensive review of medical accidents, and concluded that most of them were avoidable. 
They therefore established MedicalPath2Safety Ltd. The company combines clinical expertise with aviation safety expertise to create sPath®s – pathways for the treatment and diagnosis of medical conditions. 
These sPaths® place the expertise of leading specialists at the fingertips of clinicians, ensuring that all patients receive the best possible treatment at all times. sPath®s are more than just static checklists – they are dynamic, highly sophisticated, expert systems.
sPaths® are apps for mobile devices.  They are fully integrated into hospital IT systems, to provide a direct link to specialists and other departments.
Data is automatically saved and can be printed, thus eliminating time-consuming paperwork. This saving of the data provides clinicians with a strong defence against vexatious legal actions by patients or predatory lawyers.
The DVT sPath® is a system for the diagnosis and treatment of DVT, an area of frequent and avoidable problems.
MedicalPath2Safety’s DVT sPath® is currently in use in Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.
It is available to all NHS Trusts.
The Obstetric sPath® will be launched soon. Its rigorous procedures will bring a further layer of safety to Obstetric practice.


sPaths® will revolutionise healthcare